Hello teams!

After a fantastically successful 2011 event, we’re pushing forward into 2012 with a bang!

While team registration isn’t opening until the new year, we’re getting the ball rolling right away. That’s why we’re contacting all 2011 team captains to get their feedback on how you found the Relay experience.


We want to support you as much as possible to achieve your potential, and want to get more comradery between the teams. For this we need your help! Let us know of your upcoming events so we can let everyone else know about them; giving your events support and allowing your team members to get to know other supporters before the Relay weekend.

We also want to hear about your inventive fundraising ideas: What worked? What didn’t? Let us know. Are you thinking of trying something but aren’t sure it’ll work? Maybe another team has already tried it and can help?

There will be some some social events in the next few weeks for all 2011 participants, so watch this space!

If you haven’t heard from us, and would like to give us your feedback, would like any information on the 2012 event, or need exciting fundraising ideas, contact us at teams@rfl-harrow.org.uk, or see our Facebook group.

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