Notes on the New Website

The new Cancer Research UK website is now live and accepting registrations for Relay 2012. This is a brand new site with lots of superb new functionality and we’re all really excited about it.

For the first time, online donations are being centralised through this website so there’s no need to set up your own online giving site. It also means that your family and friends can donate to you as an individual, your team or the Relay in general.

We just need to flag up a couple of things in terms of team member registrations;

  • If you have any survivors on your team you need to make sure they register as Team Members. During the team member registration process you can indicate if you are a survivor. Survivors who are not team members should be part of teams should register using the Survivor process.
  • Children under 5 are still able to register for free. It has been decided that this will continue in 2012, but they will not be eligible for T-shirts. If you would like a T-shirt for your child please register them as being 5 years old and pay a registration fee. For security and insurance purposes you will need to sign in with us on the day.

Remember to register quickly: this will help us plan for the event more effectively.

If you do experience any technical difficulties while using the website, please contact Tony at Please provide as much information as you can, and if possible take a screen shot.

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