Fundraising Idea of the Week

Do you buy things? do you use search engines? Did you ever think you’d be able to make money from it?


Well you’re in luck! is a click-through site where you can earn huge sums of money by visiting the site and using the links provided to access your required site.

So as an example I want to buy something from Amazon. If I go to and use the link they provide, I can get 2.5% cashback to go to Relay for Life Harrow!

There are lots of offers, promotions and inventive ways to generate cash and save yourself some money too: including price comparisons for credit cards, loans, insurance, and electricity and gas suppliers and many more!


As part of your free account you also get an Easysearch account. Easysearch is a search engine where you earn cash for each search you make. By switching from your existing engine (Google search, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to Easysearch, you can raise pounds without trying!


You can then email your friends and family to get involved too! Have a look at as an example, or to subscribe to this great fundraising tool.


Cheques are issued monthly if you reach a lower limit. So what are you waiting for?!

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