Murderously Good Fun!

Heads turned and eyebrows raised in The Scotsbridge Mill last week, as more and more people seemed to be strolling up to the bar dressed like Victorians. Murmurs echoed in all areas of the pub and curiosity grew.

Then one of them dropped down dead – “Murder!” was the cry!

What followed was an action-packed, fun-filled evening of murder, mystery, intrigue and surprises as the guests, aided by the hapless police officers, tried to figure out who the dastardly villain was!

Was it the cunning, slightly over-familiar butler? One of the plethora of jilted lovers? And who is that slightly creepy man in the top hat?!

We obviously can’t tell you that now – but  pictures of the night kindly provided by Real Imprint photography are available on our Facebook page


Thanks to all that took part, Real Imprint Photography and the Scotsbridge Mill, Rickmansworth. The event raised a total of £160 for Cancer Research UK  Relay for Life Harrow!

A SUPER Market!

Bravo to our intrepid collectors from Team Beko, Bounce Back and Tikvah who raised a grand total of £411.12 at Morrisons supermarket last week. The amounts collected will be attributed to the teams’ totals.

A huge thank you to all of the staff and customers at Morrisons for their hard work and generosity!

The simple things!

What is a fundraiser?

It’s easy to think of “fundraisers” as big lavish events designed to reap hundreds and thousands of pounds. But it doesn’t have to be! A fundraiser is something that makes money for our cause. It can be huge or a small, simple thing.

Team Beko held a fundraiser last week. They placed a cake in the office kitchen with a sign asking people to make a donation and enjoy the cake. Big? Lavish? Time consuming? No to all of the above. But for the sake of a couple of eggs and cup full of flour, we received £15. 100% profit. How simple is that?! Literally a piece of cake!

We’re in the process of something incredibly special: we’re coming together as a community to beat cancer. Yes we need the gala evenings, big-ticket raffles and grand gestures. But we ask no more of any one individual than they can manage; and sometimes many small steps are better than 1 big one.


Your committee is always happy to help brainstorm ideas for your fundraising efforts. Please get in touch if we can be any assistance to you at all!

Change Please, All Change!

BRAVO to our intrepid collectors who braved the crowds at London Euston station this weekend. They raised a fantastic £106, which will be split between the Aon Adventurers and the M Team.

That takes our collection total in Network Rail stations up to £305. So a huge thank you to Network Rail, and to our participating teams Team Beko, Bounce Back, Aon Adventurers and the M Team.


If you’ve had any recent fundraising successes, let us know.

Don’t forget we still need collectors for the Morrisons collection on 21st April. If you want to get involved and earn funds for your team, please get in touch.

2011 Highlights

Have a look at some of the photos from last years event.

Spotlight on Recruiting and Growing Your Team

So: you’ve decided you want to take part and you’re really excited about helping to beat cancer. You and your team are going to do something amazing!

Only one problem; try as you might you can’t seem to persuade anyone to sign up! You start panicking; will anyone join you? Are you going to have to walk non-stop for 24 hours?  Have you misjudged your friends and family’s commitment? Have you bitten off more than  you can chew?

So what should you do?


Firstly: Don’t panic! This is totally normal. It can be a little difficult to convey the real concept of Relay for Life to someone who isn’t fully aware of it or experienced it for themselves. Stop, take a deep breath, and grab a piece of paper and a few coloured pens.

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Relay Goes Pop!

We thought you may want to see this great video by members of Ascot Relay:

Well done to all; it looked like great fun. Videos like this can be phenomenal way of getting the message out there and explain Relay for Life in a new and interesting way!