The simple things!

What is a fundraiser?

It’s easy to think of “fundraisers” as big lavish events designed to reap hundreds and thousands of pounds. But it doesn’t have to be! A fundraiser is something that makes money for our cause. It can be huge or a small, simple thing.

Team Beko held a fundraiser last week. They placed a cake in the office kitchen with a sign asking people to make a donation and enjoy the cake. Big? Lavish? Time consuming? No to all of the above. But for the sake of a couple of eggs and cup full of flour, we received £15. 100% profit. How simple is that?! Literally a piece of cake!

We’re in the process of something incredibly special: we’re coming together as a community to beat cancer. Yes we need the gala evenings, big-ticket raffles and grand gestures. But we ask no more of any one individual than they can manage; and sometimes many small steps are better than 1 big one.


Your committee is always happy to help brainstorm ideas for your fundraising efforts. Please get in touch if we can be any assistance to you at all!

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