The Relay Team Challenge!!

Registration for teams is well under way, now with eleven teams registered – these are a mixture of returning teams and new teams which are looking forward to the fun and excitement which Relay For Live Harrow 2014 will hold.  So its really good to have you all on board!!!

And now for the challenge part….

Relay is an amazing event and the more teams there are the more fun it is for everyone!!  So the challenge is to get as many people involved as possible.  If you know anyone who might be interested in joining a team, starting a team or volunteering on the day then give them our details or point them to our website or facebook page!!  We challenge you to introduce just one person to Relay!! Not only is Relay great fun but it is also helping cure cancer!!

Thank you to those of you who have already registered!!

Bounce Back
Haywood all stars
Relaytions and co.
Return of the Pineapples
St Helen’s College
Team 2014
The M Team

Thanks for coming to Relay Reunion – here are the piccies!

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Thank you all so much for coming! Keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook page for more on Harrow Relay 2014 and how you can take part!

Today’s the day!

map pin graphicToday’s the day, folks!

(And it’s looking like a sunny one, too!)

t’s time for Relay Reunion – the place to be for Harrow Relayers, past, present and future.

Join us for drinks and a catchup at Cafe Cafe in Harrow from 8pm this evening. Bring family, friends and good ideas – see you there!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then can we ask you something?

Your Relay needs you!

Your Relay needs you!

Hey! You’re reading this on your computer, or your phone, right?

Well, first, thanks for being a part of Relay. We couldn’t do it without you.

But we’d like to ask you to do a couple of things for us. It won’t take a mo.

First, pop this Wednesday in your diary or calendar app thingy. We’re meeting up for Relay Reunion at 8pm at Cafe Cafe in Harrow (see this post, or the Facebook page for more details)!

Then, invite someone else you know. Not someone who’s already involved in Relay, but someone new. Someone fun. Someone who can join your team, or who might like to start a team of their own.

Perhaps it’s someone who’s always the life and soul of the party. Perhaps it’s someone who you know at work or a social. Someone who might like to get as much out of Relay as you do.

We know they’re out there. We want to break a whopping £500,000 in Harrow Relay history this year, and we can’t do it without them.

So make the call. Or whizz out that email. Tell them they’ll be a part of Relay history, and be doing something amazing for themselves – and a third of the UK population too.

It’ll only take a moment.

See you on Wednesday!

What are you doing over Easter?

Doing nothing over Easter?

Doing nothing over Easter?

So.. what are your plans for your four big fat days off over Easter? I asked a few people at work this past couple of days, and most of them said… Nothing. Although everyone’s hoping for a bit of sunshine, nobody’s got plans.

Which is odd, considering we spend so much time moaning about work and how stressed we are.

Wouldn’t it be good to do something different? Get involved in something new? Something rewarding? Something a long way from work?

Can you see where this is going?…

If you know someone who’s got the overwork blues, tell them to get off the slouch-couch and do something amazing. Rewarding. And fun. Harrow Relay is open for teams, and everyone’s welcome. To find out more, browse the rest of this site, or better still turn up and meet some of the Harrow Relay gang at Cafe Cafe in Harrow on 23rd at 8pm (see the event Facebook page for more info). And next Easter bank holiday, you’ll have much better stories to tell!

The full-year fight

Harrow Relay for Life may be in September (and that’s not far away, you know!) but the battle against cancer never stops. Together we raise phenomenal amounts of money that does incredible life saving work – but we always need more and we need it faster!

That’s why we give as much money as we can to Cancer Research UK, as often as possible. This week, Harrow’s Tony Selman handed over a cheque for £6000!

Tony hands over a cheque for £6000 at CRUK HQ

Tony hands over a cheque for £6000 at CRUK HQ

Remember, all money that goes through your Participant Zone (on the website) goes directly to CRUK, so the sooner you kickstart your fundraising the quicker we can wipe out cancer forever!

FIVE EPIC things you NEED to know about taking part in Harrow Relay for Life 2014!


1) It’s West London’s biggest fundraising event, and part of the biggest fundraising effort in the world!

2) Unlike skydiving, there’s no minimum amount you need to raise, no risk to your pocket, and no money to someone else. Just get your friends and take part. Every penny goes to the charity.

3) But it WILL be an amazing 24 hours of fun, healthy exercise, new friendships and moments of great emotion. And sunshine* (*NB: We promise all of these except for the sunshine, which is a maybe.)

4) Teams can be anyone – the bigger the better, but even teams of three can take part; and this year we’ll even match you with other people if you just want to join by yourself. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring your workmates. Or your crochet club. If you’re in a crochet club.

5) You don’t have to be super-fit. Many of us have seen more kebabs than gyms. Take it at your own pace.

Want to know more? Come to our event on April 23rd (see post below, or our Facebook page here!)