Update: Lunch & Fun – now 11.00am for Andy Murray Fans!

Centre CourtHi Relay fans!

It turns out that despite being Relay athletes, none of us realised that this weekend’s Lunch & Fun was scheduled for 12:30pm – which would mean a lot of you couldn’t make it given your commitment to Wimbledon!

We’re now going to start at 11.00am (it’s OK – there will still be a picnic!) giving you plenty of time to Murray on home (see what we did there?!) for the agony and ecstasy of Centre Court.

Find out more about Lunch & Fun here. See you there!

#SFM – Bag packing at a supermarket

Some people don’t like to shake a tin to collect money at a supermarket, but there are still ways to raise money at supermarkets – a bag pack.  This is simply where people stand at the end of the checkout, next to a collection bucket and offer to pack the bags for the supermarkets customers – the customers regularly then donate in the bucket provided.  This usually works really well and regularly raises significantly more than shaking a tin at the door does.  To arrange this simply phone your local supermarket, there might be a bit of a delay between your request and the date of the bag pack but most supermarkets we have approached in the past have been very accommodating.  You will need collection buckets and if you get in contact with us we can arrange these for you. Although this is simple it does take a fair few people to staff the checkouts and pack bags but it is well worth it.

#SFM – Commonwealth Games Countries

With the Commonwealth Games less than a month away why not run a sweepstake!!  There are 70 participating countries so even if you have a prize fund of 50%, for the person with the country that finishes highest in the medal table, and charge a pound that means there is £35 for Cancer Research UK but you could easily charge £2 or even £5. To make it easy for you we have put together this handy list of participating countries – download it here.

Fancy a picnic – and a sneaky look around Relay 2014?

Isn’t lunch brilliant? Isn’t fun brilliant? So what could be better than Lunch and Fun (that’s maths, right there, that is).

On Sunday July 6th, at 11.00am, the Harrow Relay gang will be hosting Lunch & Fun, a picnic which will be all the more enjoyable for its largely disorganised nature, on the rolling pastures of the Bannister Sports Stadium – which is coincidentally where we hold Harrow Relay.

See what we did there?

Yup – this is a chance for team captains, members, our Survivors and other participants to get to know each other and check out the venue, too. Hey, it might even be sunny!

But it’s only open to teams and their members! So if you’re thinking of registering, get off the fence (carefully, please), sign up sharpish, and pop by to say hello.

Mark, Richard or Nick will personally buy a pork pie (or vegetarian / kosher / alternative picnic equivalent) for any completely new team members who we see on Sunday 6th.

That is not only an offer you won’t find anywhere else, it’s quite possibly the first time pork based snacks have ever been used as an inducement to charitable activity.

Harrow Relay 2014 is coming. And we want you in. With your friends. Don’t let the pork pies go unwanted – get your team together now.


IMG_20140421_154242During the summer why not invite some friends, relatives, colleagues round for a BBQ – this is great, not just as a fundraiser but to meet up with people!!

To raise funds you can either leave a donation bucket by the door so that people can drop some money in as they leave or charge a fee.  Some teams have already done this this year and they have gone down really well!!  We look forward to seeing you BBQ pictures!!

Simple fundraising Monday #SFM – Cake for the office kitchen

Over the next few weeks we are going to give you some helpful hints and tips for how you can increase your team totals without a large amount of effort – how good is that!!!  Try out some of these ideas with your friends, relatives or colleagues and let us know how you get on!


One of the simplest ways to make some money is to either buy or bake a cake (or more) and take it into the office. Simply putting a cake in a kitchen area with a sign asking for donations and a small pot for people to put the money.  This is really simple and works really well. If you mention this to some of your colleagues in advance then you can ask if they would make a cake as well.  To make things even easier we have put together a sign you can print and put with your cake to collect the money – download it here.

We would love to see how you get on with this so please post your pictures!!!