We’ve gone public!

tonyspicHere’s the Harrow Relay for Life banner – outside what looks suspiciously like long-standing Committee member and supporter Tony’s front door…

Relay’s Got Talent!


Hone your skills and practice your plate-wobblin’, unicyclin’, singin’-and-dancin’.

Because on the afternoon of Relay Saturday, we’re throwing the stage open to you!

We’ve always done something of a talent show at Harrow Relay, but we’ve been asked so many times to showcase local talent properly (and let’s face it, it’s a great opportunity with a whopping sound system) that we thought it’s about time we did it properly.

So if you’d like to have your ten minutes on the stage, let us know in advance or on the day.

  • No, Simon Cowell won’t be there.
  • No, there are no prizes. We’re not really competitive like that.
  • Yes, we can take your CD of music, and you can use our sound system and microphones. But don’t break anything. Big Mike the Sound Man is very big indeed.
  • Yes, kids are particularly welcome.
  • Yes, you can do anything within the realms of a family audience. Dance, sing, play an instrument: it’s all good with us.

Discover the Candle of Hope

Candle lineThe Candle of Hope ceremony is one of the most inspirational moments of the Cancer Research UK Relay For Life event.

Whether you participate at Relay in person or in spirit, the ceremony offers everyone in the community the opportunity to pay tribute to those people whose lives have been directly affected by cancer .

The candle ceremony usually takes place at dusk, and is accompanied by a minute’s silence, silent laps and inspirational music whilst the candles are being lit.

What is a Candle of Hope?
It is simply a bag that contains sand and a glowing candle to light up your message.Many people write the names of loved ones on their bag whilst others add special messages and pictures.

The candles then burn into the night, lighting the way for the Relay participants as they continue to walk throughout the night.

We would love you to dedicate a candle to someone you wish to remember or whose courage and life you wish to celebrate. To do so, simply download this form: Candle of Hope Form!

Do you know a photographer?

Are you flash with a flashbulb? Trusted with a tripod? Relay needs YOU!

We’re on the hunt for a photographer for the day. You don’t have to be a professional, but you do have to be talented enough to make us all look, well, y’know, less… sweaty. (That goes for the boys, anyway…)

If you or someone you know is up for the challenge, let the lovely Richard know.

As this goes live… Harrow Relay for Life 2014 is in… 44 days!

Lunch & Fun, today at 11am

A quick reminder that we’ll be down at the Bannister Sports Centre in just half an hours time. It would be great to see as many of your down there as possible for today’s Lunch & Fun!!

Done 5K? Done Pretty Muddy? Why not do the Daddy of them all?!

Cancer Research UK is an incredible organisation. Partly because one  in three of us are touched by cancer at some time in our lives, we get plenty of publicity – and the chance to do plenty of fun fundraising activities (you can find out about all of these here).

So many of you will already have had a go a 5K races and fun-runs, 10K races and fun-runs, or the new kid on the block, Pretty Muddy. If you’ve worked your way up through those, we’d love to have you join or build a team for Harrow Relay 2014.

The thing about Relay is, it’s the one event that’s about endurance. We don’t mind if you’re not desperately fit (for some of us it’s our ‘annual exercise…). Relay is all about being with your friends right through the night for a truly enriching and exciting experience.

So if you’ve done a 5K or a 10K or Pretty Muddy, why not scroll to the top of the page and sign up for the Daddy of endurance – Harrow Relay 2014.