Harrow Relay Brochure 2015

Not long till Relay now, to get ahead on all of the goings on download a copy of this years brochure, containing all of the details of what is gong on on the day and other interesting news!!

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Being a Team Captain

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be part of Relay For Life Harrow? Teresa, captain of the St Helen’s College team shares why she Relays.

How did you get involved with Relay For Life Harrow?

I was initially drawn after a very close friends and colleague passed away after a very long and difficult battle with cancer. After getting in touch with a local CRUK contact, I went along for an introduction to what Relay was all about and have never looked back since!

In my position as Deputy Head at a local school, I reached out to the whole school community to get involved in fundraising and each year since we have fielded a team.

What are the main things that you do as a team captain?

As Team Captain, I encourage colleagues, friends, parents and pupils to either become part of my team or to help in some other way. This year, amongst other things we have had cake sales, quizzes, throwing wet sponges at the teachers, sponsored silence and an auction to the ‘Teacher for a Day’. Some of our pupils organised a raffle amongst themselves, sourcing the prizes and making the posters.

On the day, our team looks after the Candle of Hope tent where people come to buy and decorate their candle bags. We also then organise them around the track for the Candle of Hope ceremony in the evening whilst also ensuring that at least one member of the team is on the track at all times! It is always a lovely day getting to know each other a little more away from the work environment.

What makes Relay For Life so special?

The sense of everyone striving and working together for a common goal as well as the sense of celebration of what has already been achieved.

If you might be interested in being a team captain or would just like to find out more then please get in touch with us.

Being a Committee Member

NickNick Saalfeld shares how he got involved with Relay For Life Harrow as a member of the organising committee.

How did you get involved with Relay For Life Harrow?

My history with Relay for Life Harrow is as strange as it gets. I was one of the few people whose life had not been significantly touched by cancer – but since I have been involved, my mother has beaten breast cancer twice!

I got involved because a dear friend of mine joined a team on the very first Relay in Harrow and I joined the next year, and I’ve been DJing ever since!

What are the main things that you do as a committee member?

I make a small contribution to the committee’s work during the year, but mainly I keep the actual day of Relay running smoothly with my lovely friend and colleague, Liz Saul. For a day like Relay, it’s like working backstage at a pantomime. We have great acts on and a real community atmosphere plus the occasional VIP like the Mayor or a local MP popping in; so we spend most of our time working out what on earth the next five minutes will look like. We have a fabulous time, but I promise we’re paddling like crazy under the waterline to keep the whole show on the road.

What makes Relay For Life so special?

Relay for Life isn’t easy – it’s not easy to put together logistically, and it’s not easy for the teams who put in so much effort, raise so much money and spend a day walking, hopping and bouncing their way around the track. It’s a serious commitment and that commitment creates quite a special bond – especially for the teams who have been with us for several years. There are several emotional moments – the Candle of Hope Ceremony, or the finishing lap when everyone’s exhausted. But my favorite moment is at about 2am, when everyone you see is 50% knackered and 50% exuberant with what a team effort can do.

If you might be interested in joining the committee or would just like to find out more then please get in touch with us.