Purple – The Colour Of Hope

PPP2016Every year Relay For Life in Harrow celebrates our local cancer survivors by honoring them with the first lap of our Relay weekend in September. These survivors proudly wear their purple survivors T-shirts to show to everyone that they have heard the words “You have cancer” and have survived. They then walk with lots of other local cancer survivors round the Bannister Sport center showing solidarity in the face of cancer. Each year more people who hear the words “you have cancer” also hear the words “your a survivor” and this is only possible due to the amazing research done all over the world.

Relay For Life Harrow are celebrating all of these survivors with a special event in Pinner on Saturday 9th April. If you are a cancer survivor then join us in purple!! Click the link to get your free Survivor tshirt, its purple of course.

Cancer Survivors click here to
get your free survivor T-shirt

Getting involved is really simple for everyone!! If you are a survivor then wear your tshirt with pride.  Additionally people can get involved by getting some purple paper and putting it in your window, displaying purple flowers or even joining in by wearing purple with our survivors – whatever way you celebrate cancer survivorship let us know!! Post it to our Facebook or Tweet us!!  Its a fun way for everyone to get involved – tell your family, friends or colleagues so we can get even more purple out there on Saturday 9th April!!

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