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Relay for Life aims to raise both awareness and cash for Cancer Research UK but can only do this thanks to the teams which take part.  In 2011, we had 19 registered teams, raising £57 thousand. In 2012 we want to have more teams so that we can raise more money and have more fun!

Realistically for a team to be viable it should have at least 8 members, however the more members you have the more enjoyable Relay will be and the more money you can raise.  Teams with fewer than 8 members don’t need to worry as we can put you together with another teams to support your walking during the event.

Cancer Research UK asks every team member to aim for a minimum of £250 each over the course of a year.  Most teams raise money through donations, by run a number of events over the course of the year and raising money on the Relay Weekend.

At Relay, we think of ourselves as one big team. So when you hold an event, let us know. We can let other teams know and invite them along for you. It will boost your event’s takings and creates a better atmosphere.

Some new teams feel daunted by not knowing much about the event, but the relay committee are dedicated to helping you along the way.  Soon after joining a member of the committee will contact you to answer any questions you have as well as send you a welcome pack.

We have teams from every walk of life: including synagogues and churches, families, businesses, schools and groups of friends. Each team is completely different and there’s no set template or pattern you need to follow. That’s why we can’t tell you exactly how many members to recruit, how to raise money or how to organise your team. But we can give you individually tailored advice, and put you in contact with teams that have a similar make-up, so we can share best practice and help you thrive as a team.

As there’s no template for a team, there’s no template for a team captain. Some captains are true leaders; they organise rotas and take the ultimate decisions. Other teams are much more democratic so the team captain needs to be less of a leader and more of an administrator/coordinator. The style you need to adopt will depend on your team so think about your members; how well do you know them? how well do they know each other? Will they motivate themselves and be proactive or will you need to be a driving force?

Always remember it’s a team event so feel free to delegate where you can. Is one of your team members ideally suited for organising your daytime activity, or a specific fundraiser? It’s their Relay too so don’t try and take on everything!

Most of all have fun, the one thing we have found is that the more fun you have with Relay the more money you will raise for Cancer Research UK !!

2 thoughts on “Starting a team

  1. The drama group I am involved with are thinking about entering a team, but as many are also running a race for life, they are concerned about trying to raise the £250 mentioned. Would the inability to raise £250 for each member exclude us from entering?

    • Certainly not, we ask that you aim to raise £250 per person but if you do happen to raise less then that is fine.

      Although the money raised from Relay is important, the community aspect is equally as important. It is an extremely inspirational event and we would love you to take part.

      As a committee we do try to help you with your fundraising by organising some events for you. For example we have held a number of collections already this year, where teams can donate any time they want and the money they raised is counted towards the teams total. We hope things like this will help you towards your target.

      If you would like to have a chat with someone then please just drop us an email and we will give you a ring back.

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